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Driving your team and business forward 

TLC Freelance is your destination for expert guidance and support in amplifying and strengthening your existing PR campaigns, services or team. We understand that businesses with established PR teams often need to enhance their capabilities, expand their campaign strategies when something isn't going quite as you expected, or need support with continued growth. That's where our consultancy services come in, designed to elevate your team and PR offering, we provide the strategic direction needed to achieve your goals.

With a track record of success in growing PR teams, implementing effective strategies and processes, and creating unique training courses, we have the expertise to support your business's growth journey. Our consultancy services focus on identifying growth opportunities, refining your PR strategies, and introducing innovative approaches to maximise your team's potential.

We specialise in developing new business strategies and pitching methods that help you secure high-value clients and expand your market presence. Through our consultancy, we can also assist in establishing new systems and processes that streamline your PR operations, improving efficiency and productivity.

We always take a collaborative approach to our consultancy work, we work closely with your existing team to understand their strengths and areas for improvement. With our industry knowledge and strategic insights, we provide tailored recommendations and actionable plans to enhance your team's capabilities and support their professional growth.


Our consultancy services extend beyond providing guidance. We empower your team with knowledge and skills through our unique and knowledgeable training courses. These courses are designed to equip your team with the latest PR trends, best practices, and tools necessary to excel in the ever-changing media landscape.

Our goal is to provide the support you need to amplify your existing PR services, expand your business, and achieve sustained success.

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