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🕰️ DURATION: 8 hrs + | 💵 PRICE: from £500 | 👩‍🏫 SUITABLE FOR: TEAMS


Maximise the power of strategic and effective PR for your team with our in-person tailored Digital PR Course. Designed to cater to your team's unique needs, this comprehensive course is perfect for seasoned PR professionals seeking a refresher or business owners looking to equip their teams with expert PR knowledge. Led by an experienced instructor, our modules cover press release crafting, journalist relationship nurturing, and a range of PR strategies, ensuring your team gains practical skills and insights to excel in the dynamic world of Digital PR.

Our personalised approach ensures that the course is completely tailored to your team's specific requirements.  Choose between a half-day or full-day course, depending on your team's needs, and receive a personalised workbook for everyone to follow along. Plus, with the online version available for rewatching, your team can access the training whenever they need it.

Enhance your team's creative capabilities with a group brainstorm/ideation session, available exclusively with the full-day training option. What's more, we offer a discounted rate for yearly refreshers, ensuring your team stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Get ready to unlock your team's PR potential and make a lasting impact with our in-person tailored Digital PR Course.


 Expertise and Experience 🧑‍💼

At TLC Freelance, we bring years of hands-on experience in the PR industry to the table. We are seasoned PR professionals who are well-versed in the latest trends, best practices, and effective strategies. We have a proven track record of driving successful PR campaigns for diverse brands, from startups to established businesses.

Comprehensive Curriculum💡

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of PR, from the fundamentals to advanced strategies. From creating impactful press releases to building media relationships, from Reactive PR to Data-Led PR, our courses provide a well-rounded understanding of everything you should know about the PR landscape.


​Practical and Interactive Learning 🚀 

Our training sessions are highly interactive, ensuring active engagement and hands-on learning. We combine theoretical knowledge with real-life case studies and practical exercises, empowering you to apply your learnings in the real world.

Personalised Support 🤝

Our personalised guidance and feedback throughout the training journey will help you build confidence and refine your PR skills. After the training, we'll provide a tailored PR task based on your needs, offering constructive feedback to ensure effective application of your newfound knowledge.


For our Online On Demand Digital PR course, there are a set of modules that you will go through during the course. These modules are designed to empower you with the most valuable PR skills and insights. They include the following:


🗞️ Developing Basic PR Skills

Discover the 'Developing Basic PR Skills' module, where you will dive into the world of PR, equipping yourselves with the knowledge to develop powerful PR strategies. 

⚡️ The Different PR Strategies 

This PR Strategy module delves into the diverse world of PR strategies, their individual importance, and how they serve distinct purposes in the realm of PR.

✍️ Creating Press Releases

Immerse yourself in the Press Release module to unlock the secrets of creating persuasive press releases tailored to varied strategies. Learn how to entice journalists and maximise media exposure through expertly written and distributed press releases.

🔨 Building Seeding Lists 

In this module, you will learn the importance of seeding lists and how to create them. You will delve into the best ways to create seeding lists, where to find journalists and how to manage them.

👥 Nurturing Relationships with Journalists

In this module, you will learn how to create impactful campaigns that resonate with journalists and how to build lasting connections with journalists for invaluable media coverage.

📏 Measuring & Monitoring Campaigns 

Discover the vital elements of measuring PR campaign success in this module. Learn to define objectives, track media mentions, analyse the impact, and assess the reach and exposure of your campaigns, enabling you to optimise strategies and achieve outstanding results.

📊 Industry Trends 

Uncover the latest trends and acquire the knowledge to stay ahead in PR with this module. Learn strategies to keep up with emerging trends and establish a strong personal brand, empowering you and your team to thrive in the dynamic world of PR. 

And many more modules... 


Is the in-person tailored Digital PR course suitable for individuals or teams?

What materials will be provided during the in-person course?

How long does the in-person course typically last?

Is there an option to rewatch the course content after the in-person session?

Are there any additional benefits for teams who take the in-person course?

How can I book the in-person tailored Digital PR course for my team?

🙋‍♀️ Still have questions? Send an email to and we'll get back to you as quick as we can. 

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